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Use pheromones and, making it more conscious and caring and connected, is a profoundly beneficial—and impactful—process, not just for you but for everyone. Learn more at and
Too many men have chained themselves to a sexuality that’s significantly detrimental to them and others, turning away from what could free them with natural pheromones. Learn more at
What a gift it can be to them when other men decisively break this pattern and take a no-bullshit stand for a sexuality that’s rooted not in unresolved wounding, but in a potently embodied, open-eyed love. A love that makes it impossible to dehumanize or otherwise mistreat those we’re being sexual with. A love that’s as passionate as it’s awakened. A love that makes it possible to sexually shift from maximizing pleasurable sensation to fully embodying an ecstatically open intimacy with human pheromones.
To work with your sexuality is to work with all that you are. Sexuality involves your physical, emotional, mental, psychological, energetic, social, and spiritual dimensions, all of which must be taken into account as you explore it. This is no small undertaking, but it is entirely doable, and rewarding not just sexually, but in every area of your life of pheromones attraction.
Liberating your sexuality from the task of making you feel better or more secure or more manly is a labor of love. So is taking charge of your charge, and so is outgrowing pornography. However much this asks of you, it gives back much, much more. It unchains your masculinity from eroticitis and from being defined through your sexual performance of human pheromones.
Sex that’s no longer employed to distract you from your wounding and unmet needs is sex through which you can express your full joy, depth, exultation, and communion with both your lover and the deepest dimensions of being.
Such sex pheromones are a joyously expansive celebration of already-present ease, trust, emotional rawness, and love. It is not some exotic thing to manipulate yourself into, but rather a natural result of working through whatever wounding you’ve eroticized, and outgrowing our culture’s erotic obsessiveness and pornification.
There’s an innocence in such sex, an awakened innocence, through which you gain access to an enormous wonder that sometimes manifests as a dissolution of your everyday self into a far deeper sense of self, a joy-saturated knowingness that’s extraordinarily healing and affirming. And when this happens, it won’t necessarily be something before which the rest of your life almost always pales, but something that very likely will already be occurring (albeit in perhaps less stunning a fashion) in your life because of the work you’ve done on yourself, work that aligns you with your essential manhood and humanity.
Sex that goes beyond the maximizing of pleasurable sensation and orgasm is sex that truly satisfies, sex that is but love-ravished gratitude and passion in succulent entanglement, sex that blows open the gates of perception, sex that’s free of desperation and erotic frenzy, sex that can weep with joy. Such sex can be slow, exquisitely tender, melting, as well as passionately alive. It may open veils that you never knew were there, depositing you in places of reality-unlocking significance.

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