The Actual Factor You Don’t Have Accessibility to Life-Saving Treatments

I have actually continuously informed you that great doctors can be incarcerated for never ever harming any person or intentionally committing fraud. That is the predicament all choice, and lots of disliked orthodox doctors, are currently in.


Months ago, I informed you of a groundless attack on one of the finest physicians worldwide, T.R. Shantha of Atlanta. If you remember, the federal government prosecuted Dr. Shantha, a dear friend, on the adhering to charges:

(1) Injecting weed killer right into cancer people.
(2) Acquiring unapproved Ukrain from Austria and also delivering interstate transport of a non-government approved medication is an interstate commerce infraction.
(3) Cash laundering.
(4) Using the wrong code for hyperbaric treatment. Payment for Ukrain. The invoicing was mostly to private insurance coverage firms.

Dr. Shantha belatedly found that there had actually indeed been billing abnormalities devoted by his staff. He had never understood them. Approving his vicarious responsibility, he pleaded guilty to this one count. He mortgaged his house as well as returned some $650,000 to the insurers, even prior to sentencing.

That’s downright unprecedented. However, even after all the various other groundless fees were rejected as well as restitution prepaid, district attorneys looked for prison time on the one charge.

What a lot more could the man do? His practice was ruined by the false accusations that made big news country wide. These were never ever pulled back by the district attorneys.

The district attorneys likewise cannot recognize that his choice technique saved many lives and also insurers millions of bucks. Shantha’s cancer-curing treatments conserved insurance companies money they would certainly have had to pay for toxic orthodox cancer therapies.

Shantha’s eternally grateful clients ended up en masse to beg the judge for mercy. The court was relocated by the outpouring of treated as well as appreciative patients.

To the shame of the feds, he bought only probation. If he had cancer cells, he recommended that he would certainly send his own boy to Shantha.

Alternate medical professionals have the honor to place their lives, freedoms, and ton of moneys on the line to discover healing therapies for you. Yet in so doing, the medical establishment refutes them option.

They take away the good doctors’ licenses. They punish them for victimless criminal activities or unidentified billing abnormalities that would certainly call for only easy restitution.

When you are unable to find an alternative physician who could possibly conserve your life, or are injected cookbook medicine and general health by the federal government, you need to know why.

Mandated universal government managed healthcare will certainly make offenders of us all. In the meanwhile, real wrongdoers get all sort of government defenses and benefits.

Currently penniless and also monetarily wrecked, Dr. Shantha is currently seeking reinstatement of his license to once more minister recovery to his individuals. I believed you want to recognize.

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