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Welcome to Luxury Kefalonia Villa Property Management in
. Luxury Kefalonia Villa Property Management Kefalonia was
born after customers of our sister company, Villa Gardens,
asked the founders and owners if they could apply their renowned honesty,
integrity and trust with their outstanding levels of customer service to manage
villas after being let down by previous companies.

It’s a proud moment when customers ask you to do something
new because they trust you.

We pride ourselves in our highest possible levels of
customer service both for the villa owners and their guests.

Quite simply, nothing is too much trouble.

We recognise that villa owners will have gone to great time,
trouble and expense over a long period of time to create the perfect holiday
for their clients. Poor service from the owners’ representatives can undo all
of that in a seven day holiday. For more information visit our website.

Luxury Kefalonia Villa will allow you to relax no matter
where you are, knowing that your major investment is in safe hands.


Why Use Us

Why do we believe people use Luxury Kefalonia Villa Property
Management in Kefalonia?

We believe it is because:

We have earned a
reputation for outstanding customer service, both for villa owners and their

We do exactly what
we say we will do when we said we will do it.

Everything you
could possibly expect a property management company to do, can be done by us.

We have no hidden
charges. We include as much as we can and as much as you want within the
pricing structure so you have no surprise bills at the end of the season,
whether it be maid and linen services, welcome packs or cleaning products. Some
companies even charge you extra for a battery for a remote control or a light

We never take your
custom for granted. We know that if we fail to deliver and keep our promises,
you will discontinue with our services and fail to recommend us to others.

We will never take
advantage of you being on the other side of Europe
(or even further afield). We will keep you regularly updated.

Even if you live
here in the summer, but leave your premises in the winter (e.g. to return to
the UK),
we can apply a generation of security experience to assist you during the
island’s winter months.

If we have
promised to maintain a security watch on your villa throughout winter together
with regular airing, that is exactly what we will do. No less.

We recognise that
your paying guests are your business and that you want repeat business and
recommendations in exactly the same way we do. All interactions with your
guests by us will be with the utmost courtesy and respect. You may have started
as a Kefalonian villa guest and become a villa owner. No one knows which of
your next guests are also going to become villa owners.

The industry
standard for guests on initial arrival is for them to be able to check in to
their villa from 4 p.m. If we can have your villa ready for them before then,
we will text your guests to advise them that they can check in early and not
wait unnecessarily.

We take care of
you, not just your villa. Some property management companies do not think it is
their duty to intervene if another partner such as garden or pool maintenance
is letting the owner down whilst they are away. We totally disagree. We will
bring it to that partner’s attention and if they fail to live up to the
standards we believe you and your villa deserve, we will notify you. (Clearly
you reduce the chances of this happening by using our recommended partners who
have earned our trust (e.g. pool and garden maintenance) but if you choose to
retain your existing contractor, that is fine).

As far as we are
concerned nothing is too much trouble for us. If it should be done, we will do
it. If it can be done, we will do it. If you want or ask us to do something,
consider it done.

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