College Graduation Party Supplies

College graduation, as many of us know, happens much earlier in the year than any other graduations. And so when I offered to throw my nephew’s college graduation party it was, in my head at least, an event that would take place in June or even July. My sister’s home didn’t have the room necessary to host as many people as they were planning to invite to the party and so I was happy to offer use of my home as I have a big backyard that could easily accommodate a number of party guests.

But imagine my surprise when just this past week it was brought to my attention (I’m sure not for the first time) that the graduation ceremony would be taking place in just two short weeks. I was absolutely panic-stricken. My sister, however, has already sent out invitations and I guess with my work schedule and all of the other things going on my life I had just been sort of out of it.

In addition to opening up my home I had said that I would take care of all of the party supplies.  Now I was completely terrified that I would not be able to find graduation party supplies at this short notice. The party supply stores in my area had barebones in terms of stock and I wasn’t sure I could find everything I needed online without having to visit a variety of websites.

I, thankfully, was wrong. I found a great website right off the bat that had all of the party supplies I could ever want or need in one single location – no surfing, no scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of stock, no running from store to store. I found beautiful graduation party supplies at great prices and everything will be at my door this week. Once again, I was saved by the Internet!

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