3 Nations to avoid if you’re searching for Plastic Surgery

The appeal of plastic surgery is everlasting. With the opportunity for achieving the look you always desired, you might have spent a lot of time dreaming about getting a cosmetic procedure. Regardless of if you’re buying miniature intervention or several big plastic surgeries at the same time, you were likely consistently aware of thecost of exactly the same processes.

As cosmetic surgery is not covered by any insurance if it is provided for aesthetic reasons, the person who’s experiencing them is obliged to cover the whole costs, which are frequently huge.

That is why a lot of people think about traveling to another nation and finding the exact same processes at reduced prices. Called medical tourism, there are lots of nations all around the globe that provide these services. However, while some of them do a fantastic job, some should not be even considered for a range or distinct rationales. Here is the list of those locations or the 3 places to prevent if your looking for plastic surgery.


In many ways the central for affordable aesthetic interventions, Thailand might be popular with those people who are looking for plastic surgery for a deal, but it will not stand to serious medical examination. Many medical facilities in the country falsely advertise their abilities and the experience of these surgeons, which frequently leads to results which will leave you unsatisfied. Aside from this, the hygienic standards in the country’s clinics tend to be lower than what the routine western citizens have been accustomed to. This increases the risk of infection which should not prove to be truly dangerous, but can make the recuperation process a lot more.


Located in the South America and close to Brazil, one of the leaders in plastic surgeries, Venezuela does not have the ability to provide exactly the same level of service. Since the early 2000’s when the political crisis and the chaotic situation in neighboring Colombia subsided, a lot of the criminal gangs moved to Venezuela. Here, the kingpins and gang members set up their standards of attractiveness for his or her wives and mistresses, which appreciably impacted the overall quality level of plastic surgeries in the nation. Due to this, today, most plastic surgeries provided in the county can be simply described as being of a low quality, while they also completely lack any fines.


After the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine, with its highly-trained medical doctors and quite scrupulous nursing staff quickly became a huge place for tourists seeking medical services. The same was true for plastic surgery too. Nevertheless, in 2014, the nation fell into political instability and then a total civil war which still rages on. This makes the nation prone to unrests and many additional problems, which could bring about you becoming to your surgery and then realize the same practice might be lacking some vital supplies for this to happen. Even worse, this could happen while you’re on the operating table. Because of this fact, Ukraine should be prevented for any medical procedure in the near future.

With this list of top 3 areas to avoid if your looking for plastic surgery, you can make sure that they do not end up getting a badly done procedure that you repent for the rest of your life. Avoid these places to avoid risks and issues like this report aboutPlastic Surgeon Dr Joel Sharow.

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