New Pheromone Results

I had gone from being successful a massive percentage of the time to only about 16% of the time using the material that was out there with human pheromones. Was it a case of attractive girls being vapid and lacking in general as people?
 Was it because the styles of game were different without his pheromones? Was it location based Northeast verses West coast? Or was it because these tactics were teaching me to step away from what was unique and attractive about myself in favor of the generic and bloated? I decided to trust my gut and develop my own method of seduction working from existing material I had modified and stripped of any cumbersome bits of human pheromones. 
From my previous job I knew scripted material had its place as a skeletal structure for commonly asked questions and actions that are repeated again and again, but the point of all that was to get to a place where you could have a genuine interaction – That was where the free flowing magic happened without his pheromones according to and
The Pheromone Result a typical Thursday evening: 5:00pm: Go to happy hour for food and a beer [or have a few at home to save money. 7:00pm: Attend a sporting event with my roommate where we were part of a subset group of about 1,000 fans. Make sure to sit near attractive women and friends. Pheromone Transference sometimes led to a seduction or the beginning of a seduction at the sporting event itself. 9:00pm: After the match head to one of two bars, that had a lot of room to move around and/or a patio. The bars were mixed with fans and mostly college students and a couple regulars. A few friends in tow helps to add social proof or the use of my later invention, sticky social proof, if friends weren’t in attendance. 10:00 or 11:00pm: Head to one of two nightclubs who used powerful pheromone sprays. 
The first was a better and cheaper club, but the club we usually went to had more attractive girls and since the DJ was a friend we didn’t have to pay a cover, which looked good to all the DJ groupies in the place. Have fun and build social proof with the guys largely ignoring most of the girls. 1:30am-2:30am: Seduce girls after the club lets out on the street while everyone is still being social and getting something to eat from the food carts. Of the pheromone production according to
Make use of sensory transference and apply Rapid State Shifting to get my pick of the most attractive girls. Get a number for a future date or go for a discreet sex walk down an alley or to bushes in the park. Current Day: Now, I know this may sound odd, but I decided I didn’t want to teach this stuff after all the time I had put into it. My idea of a good time is going to the bar or club every once in a while, and I have no desire to spend most of my time there. Although, I still want to help all the guys who are stuck and floundering on a guru’s bloated, most likely outdated, system full of dogma, and not pheromone results.

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