How To Build A Home Care Business

What is a patient care home? You are taking care of patients in your home for a profit.

The Adult Family Care Home is a residential home designed to provide personal care services individuals requiring assistance. The provider must live in the
home and offers personal services for up to 5 residents.

You can take care of two patients in your home without a state license.

This guide will explain how to take care of patients in the home using a license. I hope it helps you to accomplish getting your business open and
successfully running.

How I started and operated my Adult Family care Home in FL.

Get an education or take a class for the community you will serve. (Adults, etc.)

Get your house surveyed.

Get a fire inspection by a fire marshal.

Measure out your space per client.

What’s in a name? Create a name for home.

You have to pick a name for your home. You can pick a unique name or use your last name for the title of your home. Reason being, is because you want to be
listed in a directory of sorts, and it would be easier to find you with a name for your home. Also, your name will be listed on your state license.

How to get licensed? Do you have to be licensed?

You don’t have to be licensed, but if you are getting licensed, they will need your business name. You will need a license with more than two patients to
get state monies, and supplemental pay. Florida has mandated with AHCA that your license is not transferrable to the next person. You must own or rent your
home for it to be licensed as an Adult Family Care Home. You must also live there with the patients. There should be no more than 5 patients in that home.
Pending state licensing and approval, there must be enough room or living space for everyone in the home in order to be in compliance with the licensing

Getting the home ready:

Set up your home: room spacing & fire equipment

If your room is small, then look to house that one patient in that room or one patient per small room. If your room is medium, you may be able to house two
patients in that room, using the scenario of using twin beds in that room. If your room is large, then you can use the room to house two to three patients.
Also, with a larger room, it can be rented as one big private room and charge more for the space and privacy. The room has to have enough room for a
dresser and possibly a side table and trash can. You don’t want to crowd out the room. There has to be enough room to move around and each person’s
privacy. No bunk beds. There has to have enough space for walking and television. There is a safety hazard with crowding the room. Also, think of if the
patient falls and gets hurt, you don’t want a lawsuit against the property or home owner’s insurance. No one should sleep in the living room. It’s a
gathering room not a personal bedroom, state will not allow this.

Make sure everyone has their own closet space and handicap accessibility to the bathroom. Perhaps, the bathroom or room may have enough space for a
wheelchair. There should be no scatter rugs to trip on. You want to prevent falls. When people fall, their health usually suffers afterwards.

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