The True Story About Hampton Inn At Hershey, Pennsylvania

Canton Hotels are found all over United States. The community was excellent and the cost was average, common for that area’s hotels. Moab residents are confident for a solid season of Pond Hockey on Ken’sLake, (pun meant).

Ithaca is an amazing city located in New York state. There are numerous events and activities for the whole family. When traveling it is important to stay at a friendly hotel that will offer you amazing service. Below is a summary of five of the most popular cheap hotel motels located in Ithaca.


Take advantage of the short days for an early hour to peer into a telescope to explore the stars, planets and moon with Red Rock Astronomy. Alex Ludwig can also set up a telescope in the daytime to gaze SAFELY at the sun. (NOTE: Special filters are required to prevent irrevocable eye damage.) And on your own, tour the scale model of Earth’s solar system. A brochure can be printed in advance. Google search Moab Scale Model Solar System to find the pdf. The Moab Library also has a few brochures to hand out. The library is a block away from Sun Court onCenter Street. There is a monolith at Sun Court. A plaque affixed to the monolith itemizes the locations of planets emanating from this point.
Hampton by Hilton, previously called Hampton Inn, is a brand of hotels trademarked by Hilton Worldwide. The Hampton hotel brand is a chain of reasonably priced, upper midscale hotels with limited food and drink centers. Many Hampton hotels are separately owned and operated by franchisees, though a couple of are owned and/or handled by Hilton Worldwide. Hampton by Hilton is among the biggest hotel franchises in the nation. The Hampton franchise includes more than 2,000 hotels throughout the United States and 16 other countries.
Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Inc. (formerly, Hilton Worldwide and Hilton Hotels Corporation) is an American worldwide hospitality business that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts. Established by Conrad Hilton in 1919, the corporation is now led by Christopher J. Nassetta.
Since January 2016, Hilton Worldwide’s portfolio consists of 4,610 hotels with over 758,502 rooms. In January 2016, the opening of the Hilton in Chad marked the 100th nation Hilton resides in, thus making the corporation the largest hotel chain on the planet by spaces and global existence. Prior to their December 2013 IPO, Hilton was ranked as the 36th biggest independently held company in the United States.
Hilton Worldwide has 13 brands throughout various market sectors consisting of Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Canopy by Hilton, Curio – A Collection by Hilton, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, DoubleTree by Hilton, Embassy Suites Hotels, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Home2 Suites by Hilton, Hilton Grand Vacations and Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts. In January 2016 Hilton revealed its new midscale-market brand, Tru by Hilton.
On December 12, 2013, Hilton once more ended up being a public company in its second IPO to raise an estimated $2.35 billion.
Conrad Hilton founded the company in Cisco, Texas in 1919 and established headquarters in Beverly Hills, California from 1969 till 2009. The company transferred to Tysons Corner, unincorporated Fairfax County, Virginia, near McLean in August 2009.
On the way out for the day we noticed that the pool renovation sign was gone so we asked the lady at the front desk who told us it was now open! We were excited to hear that as they still needed to change out some windows, it would not interfere with us being able to swim. The front desk clerk was courteous and polite and gave me a feeling that she truly cared about her customer’s happiness. I had to mention her service because good customer service seems harder and harder to come by everyday so I must applaud the Hampton inn Hershey for providing such great service.
Radisson Ambassador Plaza Hotel & Casino is among the highly rated places here. The service is always top-notch and the location is superb. The rooms are well furnished and you will not want for anything. You may not get a late checkout but that is simply because the cheap hotel discount is constantly in demand. There are several restaurants and shopping stores in the vicinity, so you will always have a way to check out the nightlife in the city. Winter is one of the best times to visit this hotel.
Three years later, the depression returned. This time, my parents took me to the doctor before the therapist. He prescribed Celexa. I initially refused to take it, the Paxil from three years ago still fresh on my mind. Unfortunately, I was a minor, and my parents forced me to take it. They saw the drug as my only hope.
There are kitchenettes complete with amenities. One very useful room amenity that they have is the free local calls. You can call some of your friends of business partners that stay in Ohio for free. Rooms also have hot tub for a refreshing dip after a tiring day. Arcade/game room and conference room are available within the premises also.
For the locals, to be kept up to date, tune in to your local TV or radio station, as they are keeping this information running at all times, to see to it you are informed. If local programming does resume, the ticker will still be in progress until this tragedy ends completely.
And in Palm Beach Gardens, the Palm Beach Gardens Marriott. He really started his college career at Michigan State. Louis Cardinals or the Florida Marlins, take pleasure in Spring Training in Jupiter, Florida.
As soon as once again, my frame of mind improved, thanks to the quality therapy received at the mental medical facility. The toilet had really little “flushing power” and threatened to overflow at one point.

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Supplements for testosterone are essential for men over 30 years old tribulus terrestris be among the best alternative, but stay watchful the saponins rate to the ideal is 40% up.

Discount Party Supplies for my July 4th Barbeque Party

For July 4th this year, I threw a 4th barbeque party.  Very original, I know, but I love barbeques.  That’s what July 4th is all about – that and fireworks.  I found these great patriotic red, white and blue party supplies on this party supply website recommended to me by my neighbor.  They had a great selection.  Best of all, the supplies I found were all in the discount party supplies section so not only were they cute, they were economical as well.  Also, it gave me a great idea.

While I was in the “Patriotic” party supply section, I noticed they had something called “Election Time” party supplies.  I am, and always have been, really into politics.  I think it is vital for all Americans to participate in the voting process.  It’s the most effective way we ensure the integrity of the democratic process.  I had been feeling pretty low these past couple of elections because I felt that most of the American public, especially younger people, were disengaged from the whole process – apathetic and indifferent about the whole thing.  The thought of the emerging generation having such a negative feeling towards the democratic process in this country did not bode a good future for democracy in this country, at least not in my mind.

Thankfully, this election has been different so far.  There is an excitement about the democratic process again and it’s palpable.  Young people are getting involved and I am so happy about that.  Anyway, when I saw these election time party supplies, I knew what I must do.  I am going to throw a big election time party in my neighborhood.  I live in a large development that shares some great amenities, including a clubhouse, so that’s where I will throw it.  I’m going to invite all the people in my development to come celebrate election night and democracy.  It doesn’t matter if they’re Republican or Democrat – it’s about the process.  I have already purchased all the discount party supplies through this wonderful website I found.  I got election time plates and napkins.  I also got an American flag banner and awesome star shaped flag balloons.  Plus, a five-foot tall and ten-foot wide American flag!  And all for great prices!  I am so excited about this party and this election.  It is going to be great!

So, I would recommend this very same website to everybody who likes to purchase discount party supplies. The website is nothing but

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Increase Your Brain Power Better Brain Performance And Better Memory

Products are not needed by you for the brain so long as you’ve a diet that is healthier. All you require is a great group of brain workouts that will allow your brain is exercised by you more regularly.
Who not need to truly have greater storage or a greater efficiency? Everybody do. For this reason lots of issues are now being created to be able to assist a healthier brain is maintained by individuals. Actually, certainly a large amount are of products on offer the marketplace to enhance brain energy. But no complement is needed by you! On the best way to raise your brain energy, all you require would be to understand the methods. Here are a few of these.
Have an imaginary friend.

This is really an excellent method to increase your brain although it seems amusing. It’ll be simpler for you to consider various things in the same period while you’ve an imaginary buddy. For example, you can very quickly provide a word-of guidance to oneself. Some reports also have proven that speaking from your own creativity with somebody may make it feasible for you to gain access to your brain that was subliminal. Simply make certain to not transmit to people about any of it simply because they might believe you’re from the brain.
Clear your environments.

Oftentimes, environments can impact how folks believe. For example, when the space is messy and sloppy, it may lead to a brain or cluttered method of factor aswell. Consequently, make it a far more favorable location for thinking and it’s usually more straightforward to organize the environment. A location with diversion that is an excessive amount of may reduce one’s brain’s efficiency.
Keep in touch with oneself or even to people. Much like publishing speaking is. The distinction that is only real is that you express your ideas orally. What’s about speaking great is that you’re in a position to exercise various areas of your brain. Understanding just how to talk to various people and just how to describe them items will make your brain healthier. Consequently, when is an opportunity, begin a discussion that is wholesome with somebody.
Brain that is execute workouts.

Understanding issues doesn’t quit so long as he really wants to discover. Try various things that will make your brain function issues that will make you believe. For instance, you may resolve questions like Sudoku or crossword questions. You may also resolve math problems psychologically. Seek some riddles out . You will find simply way too many issues from you’ll never go out of options that you may select.
Discover anything fresh. After graduating from university understanding doesn’t quit. You are able to discover daily to new issues which is usually recommended to be able to maintain your brain at its greatest that you get it done. Allow it to be a routine to buy publications once some time. You may also see the web for learning components that are various. You are able to possibly discover fresh areas of languages or reports. To brain pills that will make you smarter be able to preserve great brain efficiency and goo storage improving the minds energy is extremely important.

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How to Get Discount Party Supplies for Celebrating Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a day that marks the coming of the end of school, the opening of seasonal pools, and the gateway to the warm days spent at family picnics, outdoor weddings, and impromptu barbecues. And because Memorial Day marks the beginning of such gatherings it is often looked upon as an opportunity to gather in and of itself; as friends and families plan extensive celebrations around this late May day.

In preparing for a Memorial Day celebration- and in fact making preparations for the upcoming summer celebrations – many people look for unique and discount party supplies to kick the season off with style. Luckily, now more than ever, there are a variety of options available for finding discount party supplies that fit every party need now and in the summer months ahead.

Through comprehensive online suppliers, party hosts can find all that they need to be able to throw a fun Memorial Day celebration including:

-Plates, utensils, cups, etc. Throwing a party, of course, requires those fundamental items that are needed to serve food and drinks. Through websites specializing in discount party supplies, consumers can find all that they need for party basics at great prices; better yet, they are shipped right to their door without the hassle of shopping in traditional party stores.

-Decorations that help theme a party. Through online party supply websites party hosts can find all that they need to define their gathering through themed decorations including balloons, banners, centerpieces, flags, etc.

Throwing a party is a challenge; but one that is often met with great enthusiasm. For party planners who wish to get a jump start on the upcoming summer months, party supply websites offer the perfect opportunity for getting your party ducks in a row.

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Vinyl tablecloths – the best in the market


When you have a dining table, having a tablecloth is only mandatory. It not only protects your dining table from scratches and food spills, but also ensures that you dining table will be able to get a longevity that is enviable. Furniture, particularly those made out of wood do not have a long-lasting feature, and hence most of the people are actually frustrated with these products. That being said, if you’re looking into a rigid understanding of using Vinyl tablecloths, you need not worry.

Well, Vinyl tablecloths come in a variety of shape and size. In order for you to find out the ideal tablecloth, you would have to look into rough estimate on the size of your table, before you would like to purchase from the shop. You need to have a feel of the different kinds of materials and the different type of Vinyl as a tablecloth, and you need to find out something that suits your needs the best. Finally, when you pick out the ideal color and shape of the product, you have to make sure that it is compatible with your dining table. It should not stick out like a sore thumb.

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Noah’s Ark Theme Birthday Party Supplies for Kids

For a kid, birthday party supplies and decorations must be done accordingly. Most of the kids are interested in animals. Therefore, theme can be taken from this thought. Due to this reason, Noah’s Ark can be noticed as a perfect option.

Set of animal prints can be hanged all around the room. It is better to select more than six animals for the party supplies. Use of printed items can be seen on the occasion. Special party can be arranged in the bedroom, nursery or playroom with limited number of guests.

Edible artwork can be utilized for the party decorations. Through amazing artists, these incredible artworks can be obtained. Dessert is considered as the main attraction in the kid’s party. Cake stands can be placed at a corner of the room for proper distribution.

Due to age appropriate party favor, kids may enjoy the party completely. Noah’s Ark theme goody bag can be gifted to the other kids present in the party. The favor can be filled with puppets with animal figures in addition to bubble bottles. Animal figurine can be attached with the bottle as embellishment as well.

Building blocks are loved by the kids. Therefore, interesting and thought provoking cardboard blocks can be presented as well. Kids can try to build Noah’s Ark with these blocks.

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Property Management – The Property Handover

When you take over any new property into your portfolio, the first three or four weeks are intensely busy with tenant communication, property inspections,
maintenance management, and establishing the financial records for ongoing income and expenditure recording.

Here are some things to help you with establishing a checklist that can work for you with your commercial property management control system:

First and foremost you need to understand the cash flow that comes from the rental and the outgoings with each of the tenancies. That will mean a thorough
lease review of the original lease documentation. The lease review that you do will need to be checked against the tenancy schedule that you are being
provided with. When you are satisfied that you have the necessary and correct lease information, you can put that into your commercial property management
software package.

Inspect the property thoroughly and completely to understand its physical function and layout. Check out the current levels of maintenance that apply to
the essential services and safety equipment within the building. Talk to the maintenance contractors as part of that process. Look for any breaches of
building safety or maintenance activity. Ask about any orders or notices that apply to the building currently.

In a property with many tenancies, you are likely to inherit some leases that are soon to expire or have expired. You may also have some vacancies in the
property to fill with new tenants. This then says that you should develop a lease marketing strategy for those vacancies.

Review all of the leases and the tenancies to understand factors of upcoming expiry, critical dates, rent reviews, options, refurbishments, and other
important lease conditions. These factors will need to be captured into your property management software program so that you can respond and act at the
right time. Many a property manager has overlooked a critical date only to find that significant occupancy problems and cash flow disruptions result.

Every landlord will have some goals and targets that apply to the function of the property. Meet with the landlord to clarify and qualify those targets so
that they can be merged into the communication and reporting system for the property into the future. You need to know what the landlord requires of the
property physically and financially.

The income and expenditure activity in the property will be vital to help you set and maintain future financial performance. This then says that the
historic performance of the property should be obtained and checked. The current outgoings budget for the property will also have relevance to the future.
Split up all financial factors that apply to income and expenditure so that you can analyze and identify any shortcomings.

If your property is of a retail nature, you are likely to have some further challenges relating to property marketing, tenancy mix, clustering, and tenant
management. It should be noted that shopping center management and retail property performance is far more complex to that of and industrial or office
property. On that basis your fee for professional services with any retail property should be significantly greater.

These are some of the main factors that apply to the Handover process. Over time you can develop a checklist that specifically applies to the different
property types such as industrial, office, and retail. This will help you greatly when it comes to expanding and growing your portfolio as a property


When you work as a professional property manager of commercial or retail property, you will soon know the importance of an effective handover process. You
will however also know how difficult it is to get all the property detail from the previous landlord or manager. Cooperation in the real estate industry is
generally lacking when it comes to the handover process; that is why you need a system of enquiry and probing processes to get the essential property
detail you need in such a short period of time.

Why is all of this such a problem? Generally one property manager requires the fullest detail of the new property but the other is biased towards minimal
involvement. Handover systems are critical to the ongoing property management process. To protect yourself and control the whole transition it is wise to
use a checklist as a tool to capture all the issues and ask the right questions.

When you are under pressure of the moment in bringing in a new property management, the people that you talk to will be from all different levels of
property involvement, and the facts discussed will be numerous; in the larger properties the information gathering challenge just gets bigger. You must
have a way of keeping notes and records through the whole transition event. A general comment made by someone today may be a critical comment in 3 months
time. Ask your questions and make your notes.

So just who do you talk to in the handover process? Here is a list to help you get started:

The landlord that you will be working for in accordance with special instructions

The landlords solicitor who creates the leases for the property

The landlords accountant who gets involved with the monthly income and expenditure activities

Existing tenants in the building

Maintenance contractors in the building

The previous property manager and or leasing manager

The local building authority regards any orders or notices that may impact the property use or occupation directly or indirectly

The local council regards local property usage, approvals, and zoning

The neighboring businesses and property owners

The local titles office for a title search so you know just who owns the property, and where the property boundaries are

All of these people can tell you so much about the location and the property you are about to manage. This is where note taking is of high value as you
gather information; your notes help protect you against dispute or disagreement later. Your notes will also put you on the trail of bigger issues that
remain outstanding.

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Cholesterol Levels In Cashews Nuts

Rice and noodles themselves don’t contain any cholesterol, but dishes offering rice and noodles might contain cholesterol, based upon what other ingredients they include. The American Heart Association (AHA) gives three simple guidelines regarding fat. Total fat ought to be kept at 25 to 35 percent within your total calories. Saturated fat should constitute a maximum of 7 percent of your respective calories. Trans fat, or trans-fatty acid, really should be kept under 1 percent. A 2010 review published in “Medical Hypotheses” demonstrates that statin use could potentially cause a lowering of vitamin e antioxidant levels inside the blood that could result in statin myopathy, or muscle cramps. However, high cholesterol stops this technique by producing fatty deposits within the blood vessels, ultimately blocking the flow of blood through the arteries. Potential risk of this blockage could lead to cardiac arrest or stroke. Following a balanced diet and making other healthy change in lifestyle can help you decrease your cholesterol and therefore your likelihood of heart disease at the same time. Food items are better for lowering cholesterol as opposed to others.

Farmed or wild Eastern oysters contain less cholesterol per serving: Farmed Eastern oysters have 32 milligrams in each and every 3 ounces, and wild Eastern oysters have 53 milligrams. Comparison for some other Foods Low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, cholesterol increases heart-disease risk because it takes cholesterol through your blood and carries it on the arteries which lead in your heart. This cholesterol becomes plaque that could prevent blood from reaching your heart. Paneer is actually a soft, low-fat cheese that enhances flavor, texture and also the nutritional content of numerous Indian dishes. One ounce of paneer cheese contains 15 milligrams of cholesterol, only 5 percent with the recommended 300 milligram daily recommended limit for adults. The corporation recommends waiting at least about 6 weeks postpartum before performing cholesterol testing to have a precise reading. If you buy fresh-sliced lunch meats, ask the deli worker to look for the label for yourself. Regardless of whether you’re healthy, you must not consume greater than 300mg of cholesterol daily.

Gastrointestinal difficulties are typical unwanted side effects of prescribed drugs to deal with high-cholesterol, but as reported by the University of Maryland Medical Center, the heartburn usually recedes following a short time period. Depending on “Cholesterol Control Without Diet,” niacin interacts with your HDLs increasing their number within you. As well, niacin collects the LDLs in your bloodstream and will help your system to clear out this harmful form of cholesterol through waste. Aspirin like a Supplement The sesame plant was used as being a crop in Assyria and Babylon a lot more than 4,000 years in the past. The seeds on the sesame plant are extremely rich in oil, as approximately 1 / 2 of the seeds’ weight includes sesame oil. The sesame plant is cultivated both for its seeds along with its oil. The actual existence of high blood cholesterol has long been considered a risk factor for the roll-out of heart disease, together with other genetic, health insurance and lifestyle factors. Single serving of white, cooked rice contains 242 calories, then one cup of cooked macaroni contains 189 calories; but neither food contains cholesterol or fat. Tapioca has no cholesterol or fat, yet has 544 calories in one cup having to do with At normal levels, cholesterol helps your whole body to function, but excessive amounts can accumulate in the walls within your veins and slow circulation of blood. The impaired circulation may lead to heart problems, but regular exercising aids you to keep cholesterol inside of a safe range.

In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, high blood cholesterol strikes one of five American teens, increasing their risk of cardiovascular illnesses, stroke and an array of other obesity-related illnesses. Your risk of stroke and stroke increases immensely for your cholesterol spikes. With the doctors permission, make some changes in your diet and lifestyle to give your cholesterol down as quickly as possible. Changes wont happen overnight, so stay with your new routine. Two fish commonly used to produce sushi, tuna and salmon, are rich options for omega-3s. Sushi can easily turned into a poor selection for the minimum-cholesterol diet when it is created using cholesterol-raising ingredients such as mayonnaise and fried items. Particularly, proteins within spinach have already been related to lowering cholesterol, in accordance with the Organic Facts website. To improve low HDL levels, the American Heart Association recommends quitting smoking, weight-loss and regular physical exercise. LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, has a tendency to accumulate with your blood vessels, causing plaque formation and constriction from the arteries generally known as atherosclerosis.

The authors with the study are convinced that drinking 1 cup of decaf coffee daily is unlikely to have a relevant impact. Choose heart-healthy food to minimize cholesterol. Limit your cholesterol intake to 200 milligrams per day assuming you have heart disease or even your LDL cholesterol is 100 milligrams per deciliter or over, recommends the American Heart Association. Squid is really a high-cholesterol food. A 3-ounce serving contains 198 milligrams of cholesterol. Four ounces of low-fat cottage type cheese contains 4 milligrams of cholesterol and fewer than 1 gram of unhealthy fat. One tablespoon of low-fat cream cheese contains 8 milligrams of cholesterol and 1 milligram of saturated fat. Both can be found in fat-free varieties, on top of that. Saturated fats increases your blood LDL cholesterol essentially the most and really should be restricted to fewer than 7 percent of the total daily calories which is equivalent to below 15.5 g of saturated fats per day when following a 2,000-calorie diet, depending on the United states Since cooking vegetables is known to have an effect on the nutrients they contain, it’s reasonable to wonder what effect, if any, boiling eggs has on the cholesterol content. The regular chicken egg contains approximately 71 calories and 210 mg of cholesterol.

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What You Should Always Remember When Buying A Home With A Realtor – Investing in real estates is not an easy task, neither is it as difficult as you might have been thinking. If you take time to sit down with real estate experts, you would find out that investing all depends on the steps that you take right from the word go. For instance, the main steps that you would have to go through include: seeking for funds, finding the right real estate agent, searching for an ideal location to invest in and lastly digging for more info about the area you wish to invest in. Working with a realtor ensures that you work by following the recommended steps. This therefore means that the chances of going wrong would be reduced considerably. So what are the main things that you should remember when buying a home with a realtor?

Remember to go over their qualifications

The first and the most important step that you should take is to go over qualifications of the realtors you would be depending on. Undeniably, there are many real estate agents that you can turn to. Most of them are easily found over the internet. It is important not to assume that the agents are qualified. As an investor, it is your duty to confirm their documents before sitting down to work with them. Also, the realtors should be working under companies that are well known in Brighton. Hence, they should provide you with their staff numbers or badges to prove that they are linked with such organizations. Calling the companies dealing with Boston homes for sale should be your next step.

Remember to ask if there are other people they have helped

Real estate agents that are certain about their quality of service provision would not hesitate to offer you a list of other clients that they have helped. Some might wait for you to ask this before offering you the list. Make a point of sitting down with the proposed clients to find out whether the realtors are indeed worth relying on.

Remember to go through reviews over the internet

When buying a home with a realtor it is important that you remember to go over reviews over the internet. This is closely linked to asking for referrals as you would be in a better chance to make sound decisions relating to choosing the right agents to work with. Ensure that you rely on reviews from unswerving real estate websites. Look at –

Remember to bargain for a better price

Lastly, you should always embrace the art of bargaining for a better quotation for the Brighton property for sale. This guarantees that you work strictly by following the budget that you had earlier set. Do not simply pay for the first price that you are requested to pay. This would be over-paying for the home. Consider making a good offer to the home seller. Chances are that they would accept the deal. For instance, make an offer of paying for the home instantly if they reduce the price to a certain amount.

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How To Build A Home Care Business

What is a patient care home? You are taking care of patients in your home for a profit.

The Adult Family Care Home is a residential home designed to provide personal care services individuals requiring assistance. The provider must live in the
home and offers personal services for up to 5 residents.

You can take care of two patients in your home without a state license.

This guide will explain how to take care of patients in the home using a license. I hope it helps you to accomplish getting your business open and
successfully running.

How I started and operated my Adult Family care Home in FL.

Get an education or take a class for the community you will serve. (Adults, etc.)

Get your house surveyed.

Get a fire inspection by a fire marshal.

Measure out your space per client.

What’s in a name? Create a name for home.

You have to pick a name for your home. You can pick a unique name or use your last name for the title of your home. Reason being, is because you want to be
listed in a directory of sorts, and it would be easier to find you with a name for your home. Also, your name will be listed on your state license.

How to get licensed? Do you have to be licensed?

You don’t have to be licensed, but if you are getting licensed, they will need your business name. You will need a license with more than two patients to
get state monies, and supplemental pay. Florida has mandated with AHCA that your license is not transferrable to the next person. You must own or rent your
home for it to be licensed as an Adult Family Care Home. You must also live there with the patients. There should be no more than 5 patients in that home.
Pending state licensing and approval, there must be enough room or living space for everyone in the home in order to be in compliance with the licensing

Getting the home ready:

Set up your home: room spacing & fire equipment

If your room is small, then look to house that one patient in that room or one patient per small room. If your room is medium, you may be able to house two
patients in that room, using the scenario of using twin beds in that room. If your room is large, then you can use the room to house two to three patients.
Also, with a larger room, it can be rented as one big private room and charge more for the space and privacy. The room has to have enough room for a
dresser and possibly a side table and trash can. You don’t want to crowd out the room. There has to be enough room to move around and each person’s
privacy. No bunk beds. There has to have enough space for walking and television. There is a safety hazard with crowding the room. Also, think of if the
patient falls and gets hurt, you don’t want a lawsuit against the property or home owner’s insurance. No one should sleep in the living room. It’s a
gathering room not a personal bedroom, state will not allow this.

Make sure everyone has their own closet space and handicap accessibility to the bathroom. Perhaps, the bathroom or room may have enough space for a
wheelchair. There should be no scatter rugs to trip on. You want to prevent falls. When people fall, their health usually suffers afterwards.

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